One question I am frequently asked is, “What is Texts and Technology?

The answer is “We are inventing the future of the humanities!” But to understand what this project is and why it is necessary, we must take the long view; human societies have undergone three revolutionary information shifts over history. The first is the shift from oral to written culture that occurred in the Mesopotamian region and Mediterranean regions about 2500 years ago; the next was the shift from written to print culture that occurred in Europe about 500 years ago; and the third is the global shift from print to digital culture that has been underway for about the past 100 years or so. T&T studies the causes and consequences of these shifts and it also prepares students to re-invent humanities practices for this emerging electronic culture. We achieve these goals by working through interdisciplinary, collaborative, and community-focused approaches.

The Texts & Technology doctoral program puts students on the road to achieving their academic and professional goals in a variety of fields. Our program attracts idealists who want to change the world, scholars excited about the changes in technology and culture, creative people who want their work to make a positive difference in the world, teachers who want to develop their skills and broaden their approaches to better serve students, as well as innovators, risk-takers, and iconoclasts who are looking for a program that encourages unique approaches to research and learning.

Our students choose specializations in Digital Humanities, Digital Media, Public History, Rhetoric and Composition, and Scientific and Technical Communication.

T&T is an interdisciplinary PhD program that benefits from being part of a large research university with deep connections to the communities it serves: our T&T faculty and students are bolstered by resources from the College of Arts and Humanities, the Center for Humanities and Digital Research, and collaborations with other colleges within one of the nation’s largest universities: UCF!

Thank you for visiting our site.  We welcome you to ask us any questions you may have, and invite you to come visit us in Orlando anytime.

Photo of program director Barry MauerBarry Mauer
Program Director