The Texts & Technology program includes formal coursework, an internship, and doctoral research that culminates in a Ph.D. degree with a specialty in one of five areas:

  • Digital Humanities
  • Prepares students for careers in research, teaching, government, and industry and combines the study and application of digital technologies with the study of human society and culture. Students develop an understanding of social and cultural shifts in relation to information technologies and invent new practices for conducting research, teaching, and writing (broadly defined) in digital media.

  • Digital Media
  • Emphasizes the conceptual, theoretical, design, and technical skills needed to engage the changing platforms on which we work, teach, and live. The specialization prepares students for careers in user experience design, digital storytelling, and interactive communication. Students develop an understanding of critical making, code and software studies and development, user-centered design, and the critique and design of games and interactive media.

  • Public History
  • Engages students in collaborations with various communities in the gathering of historic materials, oral history, preservation, archiving, curating, and related fields while preparing students for careers in academia, museums, governments, and non-profit agencies. It pays special attention to digital platforms and tools and their uses for involving public audiences in historical analysis and interpretation.

  • Writing and Rhetoric
  • Trains students to communicate effectively, persuasively, and ethically across a range of civic, professional, and educational contexts, and pays special attention to digital platforms and tools and their uses for involving public audiences.

  • Scientific and Technical Communication
  • Prepares students for academic or professional careers in the interdisciplinary fields of rhetoric of science, rhetoric of health and medicine, cross-cultural technical communication, critical science and technology studies, visual communication, communication in online and interactive media, and user-centered design.

The Texts and Technology program requires a minimum of 57 credits. With our new Fast Track program, however, we can waive up to 15 of those credits for work completed at the master’s level or above, subject to review and approval by the Texts and Technology program director.

Why T&T?

Increase your employability

95% of T&T graduates are employed in their chosen field, with graduates working in academia, in government, and in industry.

Interdisciplinary options

This is an interdisciplinary program that will appeal to students with interests in social media, fan studies, folklore, rhetoric, the environment, ethics, communication, history, gender, race, the arts, curating, games, activism, education, coding, narrative, film, postcolonialism, queer studies, theory, knowledge management, psychology, and sustainability (to name a few!). For those who have interests in multiple areas, T&T is designed to facilitate customized studies. You will meet scholars and students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Best of both worlds

The small program is fueled by the resources of a large research university.

Flexible schedule

The choice of a full-time or part-time schedule is yours. A full time student can finish in approximately four years. A student with a Fast Track waiver of 15-credits can finish in approximately three years.

Milestones for Completion of Ph.D. Degree (for full-time students)

  • Complete a First Year Review (scheduled with the Program Director following the conclusion of 18 credit hours in the program)
  • Complete Core Coursework and Electives (requires approximately two years, but Fast Track can reduce it to approximately one year)
  • Participate in an Internship
  • Successfully pass the Candidacy Examination
  • Develop and defend a Dissertation Prospectus (requires approximately one semester)
  • Write Dissertation (requires approximately one-two years)
  • Submit a substantial scholarly article to a peer-reviewed journal
  • Defend the Dissertation

The price is right

UCF has been recognized by Forbes, The Princeton Review and Kiplinger’s for being one of the most affordable and best-value universities in the U.S.

In-state tuition and fees for the Texts and Technology program total $21,070. For a student with a Fast Track 15-credit waiver, the total amounts to $15,523.

Assistantships and fellowships are available.

I have recommended this field to colleagues or friends who show brilliance, curiosity, and an interest in pursuing the philosophical and humanistic dimensions of digital media.”

Tricia Carlton ’16
Student Profile
  • We admit a new class of students each fall. 15 students started their program in fall 2018.
  • Students currently in the program hail from fifteen different states and four countries outside of the USA
  • Students choose either a full time or part time schedule.
  • Many students take advantage of financial assistance from the university such as fellowships, scholarships, or graduate assistantships.
Faculty Profile
  • Thirty-four UCF faculty from seven disciplines within the College of Arts & Humanities including Writing and Rhetoric, English, Philosophy, Digital Media, Art, Theatre, and History
  • The program has dozens of graduate faculty scholars representing institutions throughout the United States and Europe who serve on dissertation committees
  • The T&T program is also supported by the UCF Center for Humanities & Digital Research