Lisa Roney

Lisa Roney, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in English: American Literature from Penn State University (2001)
  • M.F.A. in English: Creative Writing, Fiction from Penn State University (1994)
  • B.A. in Studio Art from Carleton College (1981)

Research Interests

Fiction, memoir, and personal essay; medical humanities, disability studies, representations of health and illness; images and physical aspects of home and place; the relationships between genres (e.g., architecture and narrative, painting and digital art, fiction and nonfiction); and twentieth-century American literature and women's studies.

Selected Publications


  • Serious Daring: Creative Writing in Four Genres. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014.
  • The Best Possible Bad Luck. Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press, 2014.
  • Sweet Invisible Body: Reflections on a Life with Diabetes. New York: Henry Holt: 1999. Paperback, Owl Books: 2000.


  • "The Dying Professor Is Killing Me: The Media, Morality, and the Public Patient." The Patient. Ed. Maria Vaccarella and Aleksandra Pytko. Inter-Disicplinary Press eBooks, Fall 2009.
  • "Katherine Anne Porter's Ship of Fools: An Interrogation of Eugenics." Papers on Language and Literature 45.1 (Winter 2009): 82-107.
  • "The Extreme Connection Between Bodies and Houses." M/C Journal: A Journal of Media and Culture 10:4 (August 2007).
  • "The Double Vision of Clarence Major, Painter and Writer." African American Review 28.1 (Spring 1994): 65-75. Reprinted in Clarence Major and His Art: Portraits of an African American Postmodernist, ed. Bernard Bell. UNCP, 2001, 161-73.

Book Sections/Chapters

  • "The Same Creatures That You Fear" (essay). In Season: Stories of Discovery, Loss, Home, and Places in Between. Ed. Jim Ross. Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2018. 14-23.
  • "Dying Professors in Film and Television: How Media Make Illness a Moral Issue." The Patient: Global Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Ed. Kimberly Myers. Oxford, U.K.: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2009. 179-204.

Creative Publications

  • "Friend with an Illness" (essay). Panhandler Magazine 9 July 2018: n.p. <>.
  • "To Paul Celan with a Variable Key" (poem). The Lark 2.1 (April 2018), n.p.
  • "Gimlet-Eyed in Paradise" (essay). Kudzu House Quarterly 6.4 (Winter 2016), n.p.
  • "Voracious" (micro-fiction).The Hoot Review 29 (February 2014), n.p.
  • "Violent Season" (poem).The Southern Poetry Anthology,Volume VI: Tennessee. Jesse Graves, Paul Ruffin, and William Wright, eds. Huntsville, TX: Texas Review Press, 2013. 206-207.
  • "Empty Cans" (memoir). StorySouth 35 (Spring 2013).
  • "Tunnels" (memoir). Prime Number 23.5 (Summer/Fall 2012): n.p.
  • "What It's Like Living Here--From Lisa Roney in Orlando" (memoir and photo essay). Numero Cinq June 4 & 11, 2012: n.p.
  • "Gator Love" (memoir). Saw Palm 6 (Spring 2012): 206-210.
  • "The Stuff of Science Fiction" (poem). Willows Wept Review 12 (Summer 2011): 9. .
  • "Thumbs" (poem). Willows Wept Review 12 (Summer 2011): 8.
  • "Why 'Writing'" (op-ed). Inside Higher Ed 7 May 2010. n.p.
  • "Left in the House" (story). Waccamaw 3 (Spring 2009): n.p.
  • "The Difference Between Fingers and Toes" (poem). The Hiram Poetry Review 70 (Spring 2009): 35.
  • "Diagnosis 1972" (poem). The Healing Muse 8.1 (Fall 2008): 90-91.
  • "Animal Rites" (story). Red Rock Review 23 (Fall 2008): 48-60.
  • "Listen to This" (personal essay). Writing on the Edge 19.1 (Fall 2008): 83-91.
  • "Easter Baking" (poem). Ruminate 6 (Winter 2007): 9.
  • "Panic Hardware" (story). the new renaissance 39 (Fall 2007): 41-55.
  • "On Giving Yourself a Shot" (memoir excerpt from Sweet Invisible Body). You&Me: America's Medical Magazine 1.1 (Fall 2007): 60.
  • "Good Credit" (story). So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art 15.1 (Winter/Spring 2006): 13-18.
  • "Fugitive Home" (memoir). Sycamore Review 17.2 (Summer/Fall 2005): 66-72.
  • "Pound Cake" (story). RE:AL 30.1 (Summer 2005): 72-77.
  • "Nothing by Comparison" (story). Harper's August 1996: 70-73.

Book Reviews

  • Review of Serial Memoir: Archiving American Lives (2014), by Nicole Stamant. South Atlantic Review 81.1 (Spring 2016): 221-24.
  • Review of Teratologies: A Cultural Study of Cancer (1997), by Jackie Stacey. Journal of the Medical Humanities 21.1 (Spring 2000): 48-50.

Conference Papers/Presentations

  • "Critical Mass: How to Organize a Hot Literary Scene Wherever You Are." Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Tampa, FL. March 2018.
  • "Think Global, Act Local: Literary Organizations Bridging Communities." Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Tampa, FL. March 2018.
  • "Foremothers: Southern Women Writers." Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Washington, D.C. February 2017.
  • Practicum and Beyond: Publishing Courses and Literary Citizenship." Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Washington, D.C. February 2017.
  • Editors' Panel Member. Other Words Conference, St. Augustine, FL. November 2016.
  • "It's Not All Inspiration--Behind the Scenes in the Literary World." Florida College English Association, St. Petersburg, FL. October 2016.
  • "A Holiday from Divorce." The Drunken Odyssey X-mas Reading, Urban ReThink, Orlando, FL. December 2012.
  • "Gator Love." Saw Palm Reading at Blank Pages Creative Writing Conference, University of South Florida. Tampa, FL. February 2012.
  • "The Future of Creative Writing in the Academy." Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Washington, D.C. February 2011.
  • "Balancing Workshops." Great Writing 2009. National Institute for Excellence in the Creative Industries, Bangor University, Bangor, Wales, U.K. June 2009.
  • "The Dying Professor Is Killing Me: The Media, Morality, and the Pubic Patient." First Annual Conference on the Patient, a program of Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Salzburg, Austria, October 2008.
  • "The J in Literary Journalism." Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference. New York. February 2008.
  • "Layers of Collaboration in" Modern Language Association Conference. Philadelphia. December 2006.
  • "Physical Difference in Ship of Fools: An Interrogation of Eugenics." American Literature Association Conference. Boston. May 2005.
  • "The Narrative Link: Stories in Medicine, Psychoanalysis, and Creative Writing." Psychoanalysis and Narrative Medicine Conference. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. February 2004.
  • "Disease Awareness and Risk: An Argument for the Power of Narrative." Colloquium Series 2002 (invited presentation). Center for the Social Study of HIV/AIDS, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia. June 2002.
  • "Observing My Bionic Body: An Essay about the Personal and the Abstract in Medicine and Literary Studies." Society for Literature and Science Conference. Buffalo, NY. October 2001.
  • "Biology, Psychology, and Performativity: The Case of Carson McCullers." Society for Literature and Science Conference. Atlanta. October 2000.
  • "Tuberculosis and Changing Views of Illness in Katherine Anne Porter's Fiction." American Literature Association Conference. Baltimore, MD. May 1999.

Miscellaneous Publications


  • Teaching Incentive Program Award, UCF, 2016.
  • Teaching Incentive Program Award, UCF, 2010.
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, College of Arts and Humanities, UCF, 2007.
  • Resident fellowship, National Endowment for the Humanities Institute, "Medicine, Literature, and Culture," Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, PA, 2002.


No courses found for Spring 2022.

No courses found for Fall 2021.

Course Number Course Title Mode Session Date and Time Syllabus
50687 CRW4224 Advanced Nonfiction Workshop Web-Based (W) B Unavailable

Summer 2021 CRW 4224 Course Description

Lisa Roney


This course is designed to build on previous creative nonfiction writing skills acquired in CRW 3211—finding subjects, discovering and developing our individual voices, considering audience and venue, drafting, revising, and editing. Due to the brevity of the summer term, the major goal of the semester is for you to create three potentially publishable short pieces that will be linked into a longer piece. We will work in online mini-communities for group discussions and critiques. And you will be asked to raise your awareness of issues and opportunities in contemporary writing and nonfiction in particular.
Course Number Course Title Mode Date and Time Syllabus
11148 CRW3120 Fiction Writing Workshop Web-Based (W) Unavailable
An intermediate level fiction writing workshop for English majors; group analysis and criticism; close reading of contemporary fiction and fiction theory. 
20896 LIT3607 Mad Bad & Dangerous Web-Based (W) Unavailable
Prerequisite(s): English major or minor, and grade of “C” (2.0) or better required in CRW 3013 and CRW 3053, or C.I. Corequisite(s): None. Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s): None.

Representations of writers in films and texts, including multi-cultural and gendered aspects, and how these ideals, stereotypes, and cultural roles affect student writers.

No courses found for Fall 2020.

Course Number Course Title Mode Session Date and Time Syllabus
51091 CRW4724 The Florida Review Web-Based (W) B Unavailable
No Description Available

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