Sara Raffel

Sara Raffel, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in Texts & Technology from University of Central Florida (2018)
  • M.Phil. in Film Theory & History from Trinity College, University of Dublin (2012)
  • B.A. in Media Studies from Hunter College, City University of New York (2005)

Selected Publications

Edited Collections

  • Lester, Connie L., Patricia Carlton, and Sara Raffel. “Interpreting Pulse: Three Public History Projects Engaging Community Interpretations of Tragedy.” LGBTQ Public History: Reports from the Field, edited by Nicole Belolan and Sarah Case, National Council on Public History, 2019, 39-44.

Conference Papers/Presentations


Course Number Course Title Mode Date and Time Syllabus
10311 ENC4280 Technical Writing Style World Wide Web (W) Unavailable
This course provides you a better understanding of prose style in general and provides you specific strategies for improving your own writing style, particularly for writing correspondence (email, letters, and memos); reports; proposals; instructions (tutorials, manuals, and reference); and policies and procedures as well as for writing various online genres—websites, blogs, zines, online help, and more.

19360 ENG6813 Online Teaching Pedagogy&prac World Wide Web (W) Unavailable
No Description Available
Course Number Course Title Mode Date and Time Syllabus
80772 ENC3241H Honors Wr for Technical Prof Video Strmng (V1) COVD DL exmp Tu,Th 04:30 PM - 05:45 PM Unavailable

In this Honors course you will augment your technical communication skills by creating professional documents like resumes, cover letters, and proposals with the aim of succeeding in your chosen fields. We will produce print and electronic texts. To contextualize our work, we will also examine scholarly and popular articles and videos from the video game industry, with a particular focus on the style, audience, and ethical implications of each text.

81482 ENC4265 Writing for Computer Industry World Wide Web (W) Unavailable

This course is an introduction to designing and creating different kinds of online help files or help systems for the computer industry. In addition to learning some of the specialized language of the software industry, students will study the major kinds of software documents and online help systems: software tutorials, procedures, and reference guides. One major focus will be on writing and designing an online tutorial from a task-oriented point of view.

92782 ENC6257 Visual Tech Comm World Wide Web (W) Unavailable

Visual Technical Communication explores the use of tables and figures—charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, infographics, and multimedia—to convey visual stories. In this class, we will begin by exploring current research with the aim of building confidence reading and analyzing, from both a content and design perspective, the visual information included in complex technical and scientific documents. To that end, we will critique existing tables and figures with a focus on theoretical or ethical issues in visual information design that may inhibit the reader’s comprehension of information, or may present that information in intentionally deceptive ways. As we move through the semester, we will work with datasets, practicing how to present information clearly and concisely by identifying the desired visual narrative and highlighting pertinent supporting information for the intended audience. Finally, we will learn to use design software and create tables and figures that are both usable and visually pleasing as part of a final project that entails the research, support, and design of an original piece of visual technical communication.

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