Anastasia  Salter Administration
Anastasia Salter
Interests: electronic literature, adventure games, platform studies…
Carla Y. Gripp Administration
Carla Y. Gripp
Academic Support Coordinator I

Core Faculty

J.D.  Applen Core Faculty
J.D. Applen
Associate Professor
Interests: Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric, Technical Communication for students across UCF in all majors…
Jonathan  Beever Core Faculty
Jonathan Beever
Associate Professor of Ethics and Digital Culture
Interests: Ethics (Animal, Environmental, Digital, Engineering), Environmental Bioethics…
Rosalind  Beiler Core Faculty
Rosalind Beiler
Associate Professor
Interests: Early American History, Atlantic History, Migration…
Melody  Bowdon Core Faculty
Melody Bowdon
Associate Professor
Interests: Faculty Development, Technical and Professional Communication…
Martha Catherine Brenckle Core Faculty
Martha Catherine Brenckle
Interests: Queer Theory and FYW, Gender Studies and Feminist Theories…
Caroline  Cheong Core Faculty
Caroline Cheong
Assistant Professor
Interests: Historic preservation, urban regeneration, poverty…
Brandy Dieterle Core Faculty
Brandy Dieterle
Interests: gender and identity studies, queer and digital rhetorics…
Scot A. French Core Faculty
Scot A. French
Associate Professor
Interests: Digital and Public History, Community Studies/Local Knowledge…
Amy Larner Giroux Core Faculty
Amy Larner Giroux
Interests: Digital humanities through historical, cultural, and genealogical research…
Stephen Hopkins Core Faculty
Stephen Hopkins
Assistant Professor
Interests: Early Medieval English Literature (Old English)…
Bruce B. Janz Core Faculty
Bruce B. Janz
Interests: Contemporary African Philosophy; Postcolonial Thought …
Emily Kuzneski Johnson Core Faculty
Emily Kuzneski Johnson
Assistant Professor of English, Core Faculty, Texts and Technology Ph.D. Program
Interests: technical communication, UX, human-centered design…
Louise Kane Core Faculty
Louise Kane
Assistant Professor
Interests: World Literature 1890-Present, Literary Modernism…
Peter  Larson (he/him/his) Core Faculty
Peter Larson (he/him/his)
Associate Professor
Interests: Medieval & Early Modern England, social and economic history…
Connie L. Lester Core Faculty
Connie L. Lester
, History, UCF College of Arts & Humanities
Program Director, RICHES (Regional Initiative for Collecting the History, Experiences and Stories of Central Florida)
Interests: Modern South, agricultural, environmental and economic history.
Julia  Listengarten Core Faculty
Julia Listengarten
Interests: contemporary and avant-garde theatre practices…
Amelia  Lyons Core Faculty
Amelia Lyons
Associate Professor
Interests: Modern Europe, French and French Colonial History…
Barry Jason Mauer Core Faculty
Barry Jason Mauer
Associate Professor
Interests: Film and Media Studies,   Cultural Studies,   Rhetoric and Composition…
Rudy  McDaniel Core Faculty
Rudy McDaniel
Interests: Technical Communication, Digital Ethics…
John Thomas Murray Core Faculty
John Thomas Murray
Assistant Professor
Sara Raffel Core Faculty
Sara Raffel
Assistant Professor
Christian  Ravela Core Faculty
Christian Ravela
Assistant Professor
Interests: 20th Century Multi-Ethnic Cultural Production…
Lisa  Roney Core Faculty
Lisa Roney
Associate Professor
Interests: Fiction, memoir, and personal essay, medical humanities, disability studies, representations of health and illness…
Joel Schneier Core Faculty
Joel Schneier
Interests: Mobile communication and interfacing, process-based methods for writing research…
Blake  Scott Core Faculty
Blake Scott
Interests: Rhetoric of Health & Medicine, Rhetorical History, Theory, & Techne…
Mike Shier Core Faculty
Mike Shier
Interests: Editing and Publishing, Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction…
Sarah Singer Core Faculty
Sarah Singer
Assistant Professor
Interests: Technical Communication, Rhetoric of Health and Medicine…
Peter  Smith Core Faculty
Peter Smith
Assistant Professor
Interests: Game Design, Serious Games, Integrating Wearables and Sensors in Games…
Mel  Stanfill Core Faculty
Mel Stanfill
Program Coordinator
Interests: Fan Studies, Queer Theory, Race and Gender Studies…
Sonia H. Stephens Core Faculty
Sonia H. Stephens
Associate Professor
Interests: Scientific and technical communication, Narrative information visualization…
Natalie  Underberg-Goode Core Faculty
Natalie Underberg-Goode
Interim Assistant Director and Associate Professor, Games and Interactive Media
Interests: Digital folklore, Digital ethnography, Digital storytelling…
Keri  Watson Core Faculty
Keri Watson
Associate Professor
Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art, American Studies…
J. Thomas  Wright Core Faculty
J. Thomas Wright
Interests: Rhetoric of science, especially evolutionary biology…