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UCF’s Texts and Technology Ph.D. program offers interdisciplinary study at the intersection of humanities and technology.

Students pursue study and research in areas of specialization such as Digital Humanities’ Digital Media; Editing, Publishing, and Interdisciplinary Curating; Public History; Rhetoric and Composition; and Scientific and Technical Communication. Find out more about our program.

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Specters of Capital: An Exploration in Architecture and Identity explores architectural structures as both repositories and as vehicles for memory and provide a framework through which culture and identity can be expressed. The work does not act mer…

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Keri Watson
Listengarten, Julia and Keri Watson. “Staging Representations: Reflections on Performing Activism in a Visual Art and Theatre Collaboration.” Scene 6:1 (2019):21-50.
Sonia H. Stephens
S. H. Stephens and D. E. DeLorme. (2019 online) “A framework for user agency during development of interactive risk visualization tools.” Technical Communication Quarterly. DOI: 10.1080/10572252.2019.1618498
Maria C. R. Harrington
Harrington, Maria C. R., Tatzgern, M. Langer T., Wenzel, J. W. (2019). Augmented Reality Brings the Real World into Natural History Dioramas with Data Visualizations and Bioacoustics at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Curator: The Museum Journal, First published in Wiley Online Library (April 19, 2019).

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