Samsula Historical Archive

Begun as part of Marcy Galbreath’s T&T dissertation project, the Samsula Historical Archive ( was created in part to help explore how multiple rhetorical ecologies would function in a digital environment. The site combines personal reflections from community residents with historical textual and visual elements, and continues as an ongoing community “scrapbook” that preserves and documents the shared histories of current and former residents of Samsula, a farming community in Central Florida.

Digital Archiving Resources

In ENG 6939 Digital Archives, students created the Digital Archiving Resources to serve as a searchable resource for scholarship about digital archiving processes and trends. The project uses Omeka as its delivery platform and provides annotated reference to books, articles, lectures, videos, oral recordings, and other items related to the emerging field of digital archives and archiving.

Beyond Paradise: A Digital Interactive Timeline

Created as an independent study project, Beyond Paradise is an interactive timeline contrasting the dominant narrative of Florida as a tourist’s paradise with the overlooked history of the musical performances on the Chitlin’ Circuit in Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood. The project situates these stories within events of the Civil Rights movement, identifying three concurrent cultural narratives and juxtaposing their representation and visibility in media archives.

The Postmodern Awareness Ribbon

The Postmodern Awareness Ribbon: A Symbolic Text Preserving Socially-Constructed Narratives of Causes, by Jennifer Roth Miller

Jennifer’s research interests explore the convergence of philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and cause-based marketing in socially constructing collective views on issues such as health, lifestyle, and community. Jennifer is studying awareness ribbons as texts and memes that serve in this capacity. Below is a link to Jennifer’s powerpoint from a presentation delivered on November 6, 2015.

Regional Initiative for Collecting the History, Experiences and Stories (RICHES) of Central Florida

RICHES of Central Florida is an umbrella program housing interdisciplinary public history projects that bring together different departments at UCF with profit and non-profit sectors of the community.

Dr. Amy Giroux has been assisting Connie Harper and the RICHES development team to test the new Connections Tool to determine future enhancement options.

UCF Students (Re)Defining Writing

During the Spring 2015 offering of ENG 6938 Special Topics: Narrative Information Visualization, students identified a starting dataset and developed an interactive visualization based on those data. Student Dan Martin’s project addresses the complexity of writing, and its dependency on contextual and audience specificity, and the ways in which writing about writing (WAW) may or may not lead students to a deeper and more complete understanding of what writing is and how it works.

Visual Texts & Technology Projects Shine a Light on Curatorship

Dr. Barry Mauer’s Spring 2015 course, ENG 6426 Visual Texts & Technology, focused on “The Citizen Curator,” offering opportunities to non-professional curators interested in the art of creating exhibits from archived materials. Both on-site and digital/online exhibitions were curated. Here are a few of the resulting projects:

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