Barry Jason MauerAdministration
Barry Jason Mauer
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Film and Media Studies; Cultural Studies; Rhetoric and Composition; Literary Theory; Memory and Monu......

Core Faculty

Core Faculty teach core T&T courses, supervise doctoral work and candidacy exams, and do research related to Texts and Technology. Core faculty members serve as chairs and members on T&T dissertation committees and take an active role in student advising.

J.D.  ApplenCore Faculty
J.D. Applen
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric; Technical Communication for students across UCF in all majors; ......
Jonathan  BeeverCore Faculty
Jonathan Beever
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Environmental Bioethics; Simulation and Representation; Soundscape Ecology; Ethics and Science; Anim......
Rosalind  BeilerCore Faculty
Rosalind Beiler
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Early American History, Atlantic History, Migration, Early Modern German History, Public History ......
Melody  BowdonCore Faculty
Melody Bowdon
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Faculty Development; Technical and Professional Communication; Gender and Technology; Service-Learni......
Martha Catherine BrenckleCore Faculty
Martha Catherine Brenckle
Research Interests: Queer Theory and FYW; Gender Studies and Feminist Theories; SOTL in Information Literacy and Underg......
James  CampbellCore Faculty
James Campbell
Associate Professor
Research Interests: British and Irish Literature since 1885, War and Literature, Sexuality Theory, Science Fiction......
Robert  CassanelloCore Faculty
Robert Cassanello
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Social History, Southern History, Race, Gender, Historiography......
Paul M. DombrowskiCore Faculty
Paul M. Dombrowski
Research Interests: Rhetoric theory, history, and practice, classical to contemporary; Texts and Technology, rhetorical ......
Dustin W. EdwardsCore Faculty
Dustin W. Edwards
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: digital rhetorics; circulation studies ; the politics of writing infrastructures, especially social......
Joseph  FanfarelliCore Faculty
Joseph Fanfarelli
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Educational Games; Gamification; Video Game Design; Learning & Pedagogy; Research Methods......
Scot A. FrenchCore Faculty
Scot A. French
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Digital and Public History; Community Studies/Local Knowledge; Sites of Memory; Southern History; Af......
Maria C. R. HarringtonCore Faculty
Maria C. R. Harrington
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Virtual reality, simulations, and human-computer interaction for learning and creating; Virtual envi......
Bruce B. JanzCore Faculty
Bruce B. Janz
Research Interests: Contemporary African Philosophy; Postcolonial Thought ; Theories of Place/Space; Urban Studies......
Dan  JonesCore Faculty
Dan Jones
Research Interests: Technical communication, plain English and plain language, science and literature, writing and desig......
Natasha N. JonesCore Faculty
Natasha N. Jones
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: technical and professional communication; narrative; genre; social justice and activism in technical......
Mark L. KamrathCore Faculty
Mark L. Kamrath
Research Interests: Brown and the Early Republic, 1771-1810; Eighteenth-Century Periodicals and Print Culture; Native Am......
Peter  LarsonCore Faculty
Peter Larson
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Medieval & Early Modern England; social and economic history; legal history.......
Connie L. LesterCore Faculty
Connie L. Lester
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Modern South, agricultural, environmental and economic history......
Rudy  McDanielCore Faculty
Rudy McDaniel
Research Interests: Digital badges; Interactive narrative; Knowledge management; Information architecture; Video game st......
Shelley M ParkCore Faculty
Shelley M Park
Research Interests: Kinship studies, ethics of care, philosophy of love, queer theory, feminist theory, postcolonial the......
Tison  PughCore Faculty
Tison Pugh
Research Interests: Medieval English Literature; Queer and Gender Studies; Pedagogy; Film; Children's Literature; Southe......
Christian  RavelaCore Faculty
Christian Ravela
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 20th Century Multi-Ethnic Cultural Production, Comparative Racialization, Critical Ethnic Studies, A......
Angela R. RounsavilleCore Faculty
Angela R. Rounsaville
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Transnational/Transcultural Literacy; Literacy Studies; Rhetorical Genre Theory; Transfer; Research ......
Anastasia  SalterCore Faculty
Anastasia Salter
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: digital narrative; electronic literature; game studies; social media; digital hu......
Blake  ScottCore Faculty
Blake Scott
Research Interests: Rhetoric of Health & Medicine; Rhetorical History, Theory, & Techne; Professional & Techni......
Peter  SmithCore Faculty
Peter Smith
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Game Design, Serious Games, Integrating Wearables and Sensors in Games, Alternate Controllers for ......
Mel  StanfillCore Faculty
Mel Stanfill
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Digital Labor; Media Industry Studies; Interfaces; Fan Studies; Queer Theory; Race and Gender Studie......
Sonia H. StephensCore Faculty
Sonia H. Stephens
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Scientific and Technical Communication in Digital and visual Media; Narrative Information Visualizat......
Natalie  Underberg-GoodeCore Faculty
Natalie Underberg-Goode
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Digital folklore; Digital ethnography; Digital storytelling; Visual anthropology; Participatory digi......
Stephanie  VieCore Faculty
Stephanie Vie
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Composing in social media, particularly social networks; Critical technological literacy; Computer g......
Keri  WatsonCore Faculty
Keri Watson
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art; History of Photography and Film; American Studies; Prison Education......
Pavel  ZemlianskyCore Faculty
Pavel Zemliansky
Research Interests: Professional communication, especially in international contexts; writing across the curriculum and ......

Associated Faculty

Associated Faculty attend meetings and events, and serve as dissertation and exam committee members for students in the program. They also play a role in student advising and mentorship.

Madelyn  FlammiaAssociated Faculty
Madelyn Flammia
Research Interests: International Technical Communication; Virtual Teams; Visual Communication; Document Design and Layo......
Kevin  MeehanAssociated Faculty
Kevin Meehan
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Caribbean Literature and Culture; African American Literature and Culture; Climate Change Education ......

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty participate as non-voting members of the T&T Faculty Committee. Affiliated faculty are those who do not play a direct role in the governance or administration of the program but who have other expertise or skills deemed essential to the ongoing goals of the program. Many affiliated faculty serve as external members on dissertation committees.

Michael ArnzenAffiliated Faculty
Michael Arnzen
Research Interests: Creative writing; scholarship of teaching; horror fiction; horror film; speculative poetry; literary......
Sarah BarberAffiliated Faculty
Sarah Barber
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Archaeology of Mesoamerica, archaeology of the Greater Southwest, poststructural social theory, orig......
Syd BaumanAffiliated Faculty
Syd Bauman
XML Programmer-Analyst
Research Interests: Markup languages; digital humanities; XML; representation of overlap; document constraint; document ......
Jeffrey S. BedwellAffiliated Faculty
Jeffrey S. Bedwell
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Psychophysiological aspects of a broad range of mental health disorders thought to relate to schizop......
Clint BowersAffiliated Faculty
Clint Bowers
Research Interests: Study of games and other technology as training tools, and the use of games and other technology in ......
Rebecca DingoAffiliated Faculty
Rebecca Dingo
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Twentieth-century rhetorical theory, transnational feminist theory, girl studies, disability studies......
Stacey DunnAffiliated Faculty
Stacey Dunn
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Body image, eating behavior, interpersonal relationships and influences and women’s issues......
Terri FineAffiliated Faculty
Terri Fine
Research Interests: Women and politics, public opinion and voting behavior, and political methodology......
Stephen M. FioreAffiliated Faculty
Stephen M. Fiore
Research Interests: Shared Cognition; Technology as External Cognition; Collaborative Problem Solving; Narrative and Tra......
Elizabeth GrauerholzAffiliated Faculty
Elizabeth Grauerholz
Research Interests: Gender; Consumption; Media; Childhood; the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL); Animals and ......
Richard HartshorneAffiliated Faculty
Richard Hartshorne
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Technology and teacher education, the integration of emerging technology into the k-post-secondary c......
Charles E. HughesAffiliated Faculty
Charles E. Hughes
Research Interests: Avatar-mediated interaction, digital puppetry, human surrogates, human-technology interaction, mixed......
Kenneth JurkiewiczAffiliated Faculty
Kenneth Jurkiewicz
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Film theory and criticism; science fiction; horror......
Darl LarsenAffiliated Faculty
Darl Larsen
Research Interests: Film genres, film history, animation, screenwriting, and popular culture......
Kendall LeonAffiliated Faculty
Kendall Leon
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Research methodologies for studying rhetoric and writing; community and cultural rhetorics; service ......
Ty MatejowskyAffiliated Faculty
Ty Matejowsky
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cultural anthropology, economic anthropology, globalization, fast food, disasters, culture change an......
Timothy OleksiakAffiliated Faculty
Timothy Oleksiak
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Listening as a rhetorical act and online interaction in academic and public spaces; critical writing......
Leonardo OliveiraAffiliated Faculty
Leonardo Oliveira
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Hypertension in adults and athletes, cardiovascular disease prevention and wellness strategies, exer......
Elizabeth ScanlonAffiliated Faculty
Elizabeth Scanlon
Research Interests: Adolescent literacy, teacher education, digital writing, gamification, ESOL......
Mark SchaferAffiliated Faculty
Mark Schafer
Research Interests: Political psychology in general, with particular interests in groupthink, the operational code, and ......
Evan SelingerAffiliated Faculty
Evan Selinger
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Ethical issues concerning technology, science, the law, expertise, and sustainability, and public en......
Robert D. TaylorAffiliated Faculty
Robert D. Taylor
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Leadership of the acquisition, digital archiving, museum/gallery presentation of historical material......
Kimberly VossAffiliated Faculty
Kimberly Voss
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Journalism history, food journalism, advertising history, culinary history, women's studies, 1950s &......